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Last Updated: 09 June 2002


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Hello and welcome to Buffy and Angel Reviews!

What you will find here is detailed reviews of the television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Simple. Pictures will probably be added in the future.

Well that's everything, so get reading and if you want you can e-mail me by clicking here.

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Each page contains all the reviews for that season so give it a few seconds to load, eh?

  • Season One: The one where Angel & Cordy have various adventures, lose a close friend, but in the end gain two new ones.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Season One: The one where Buffy meets the gang and fights the Master
  • Season Two: The one where Spike arrives and Angel turns evil.
  • Season Three: The one where Faith arrives and Buffy fights the Mayor.
  • Season Four: The one where the writers lost their way slightly, Angel & Cordy have left, Riley arrives and Buffy fights The Initiative & Adam.
  • Season Five: The one where Dawn arrives, a vital cast member is lost and Buffy fights Glory.
  • Season Six Part I (6.1 - 6.11): The first half of S6 where Buffy comes back and gets friendly with Spike, Willow goes off the rails and the Geek Troika are introduced.
  • Season Six Part II (6.12 - 6.17): The second half of S6 where Buffy gets a job and The Geek Troika get serious.
  • 6.18 Entropy: The one where Anya tries to get her revenge on Xander.
  • 6.19 Seeing Red: The one where Spike crosses the line and someone dies.
  • 6.20 Villains & 6.21 Two To Go: The ones where Dark Willow kills a Nerd and fights Buffy
  • 6.22 Grave: The one where Willow gets really mad.
  • Buffy Season 6 Review: Review of the entire Season split into 3 parts. Very long.